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Netta Dor Shalgi is renowned as a global visionary with an unparalleled ability to drive innovation and execute transformative ideas, guided by a forward-thinking, long-term perspective that transcends geographical boundaries, ultimately benefiting humanity.

His career spans over 15 years, marked by significant contributions in product development, visionary execution, supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, and extensive process support across diverse sectors. This experience encompasses startups, corporations, and public organizations.

Netta's entrepreneurial journey is highlighted by his achievements in establishing high-performing product brands, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies into the market, fostering user trust, and successfully raising substantial funds, including over $7 million through crowdfunding campaigns and more than $10 million via equity and convertible notes. He has also demonstrated remarkable prowess in expanding marketing, e-commerce, and retail channels over the past decade.

His innovative designs have led to the acquisition of multiple utility and design patents, with recognition in esteemed publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, and Lonely Planet, as well as prestigious industry awards like the A'Design Award and the Edison Innovation Award. He excels at streamlining complex projects by leveraging trend forecasting, extensive market research, and competitive analysis, all while achieving measurable performance results within budget constraints.

Netta's expertise spans a wide range of fields, encompassing human physiology, ergonomics, cognitive capabilities, and consumer psychology. His profound understanding extends to design, manufacturing, and emerging technologies, allowing him to adeptly construct intricate supply chains and operational logistics essential for facilitating the production and launch of groundbreaking products and services.

His extensive knowledge also encompasses critical areas such as design, manufacturing, and emerging technologies, which enable the construction of intricate supply chains and optimization of operational logistics. With a decade of experience interfacing with executives, contractors, factories, and international teams, Netta has consistently driven multimillion-dollar growth, maintaining a mission-driven and purpose-oriented approach throughout his career.

Netta's extraordinary innovation talent and unwavering commitment to driving positive change within the entrepreneurial and product development domains have solidified his prominent standing in the world of product and design. Beyond his professional pursuits, Netta is deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their journeys of personal growth and aspiration.


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Fields of expertise

Technology, Mobile, and Electronics

Consumer and Medical Products

Infrastructure and Furniture

Manufacturing, Crowdfunding, and E-commerce

Products, projects, and companies I've been involved with in my entrepreneurial, product, design, and consulting work include:

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While navigating the vast ocean of possibilities, we will inevitably face winds, currents, storms, and waves. However, our guiding North Star will steer us in the right direction.

Embarking on a captain's role for the first time, all on one's own, can indeed be challenging and, frankly, quite intimidating. Navigating the expansive seas of business demands a blend of talent, skills, and thorough preparation. Each product, venture, and voyage is unique, yet we will inevitably face various challenges like ideation, execution, marketing, financing, and many decisions leading toward building a profitable, sustainable business. Our journey will be about learning to navigate by the fundamentals of business and charting the course of least resistance to harness energy effectively, ultimately bringing our ideas or businesses to fruition.


  • Strat-up Venture certificates of completion

  • Product venture certificates of completion is an online platform dedicated to facilitating growth and development for both individuals and businesses. Our goal is to offer practical resources, insights, and tools that can inspire and expedite progress. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or someone eager to explore new opportunities, we've tailored our content and offerings to cater to your specific needs.   We provide real-life hacks and useful tools that go beyond mere aspirations, empowering you with actionable strategies for your work and personal growth. Join us on this journey, and together, we'll embrace the spirit of adventure and innovation that drives success in today's ever-changing landscape.


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  • Recommended for individuals over 16 years old.

  • Ability to independently conduct online research.

  • Proficiency in online capabilities, including web navigation and basic computer skills.

  • Capability to process and analyze information independently.

  • Creative thinking and the ability to think outside the box.

  • Eagerness for knowledge and personal expansion.

  • Self-driven and motivated to work independently on startup concepts and ideas.

These qualifications emphasize the inclusive and accessible nature of the courses, focusing on practical skills, independence, creativity, and a passion for personal growth and entrepreneurship.

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